The memory of my first toy as a kid is quite vivid. Back then, things were simpler, the idea of owning a toy that could run and reverse on its own was overwhelming. Today, technology has brought us exceptionally fascinating toys like a helicopter or a drone. So, my son asked for a drone this time and I found a great drone for kids here on the internet. The little whirlybird comes in various shapes and sizes and operates with a remote.

While I decide to fulfill his wish, I am keen to share some quick tips too!

There are a few must-remember rules and tips to teach your child about drone flying, especially if it is his first time.

Safety first – Tell him about the safe distance to operate from. Crowded areas, places with overhead electricity cables etc should be avoided. Educate him about the safe distance for operating his drone. While flying he should be able to see his drone at all times to avoid serious harms.

Tell about design – However simple, tell him about the mechanism on which the drone works in nonprofessional terms. Let him use his intelligence quotient to link the teaching with the hands-on usage.

Let him have fun – Empower him with tips and tricks but let him have fun. Warning about crashes every minute will lead to spoiling of fun.

Not just fun – Drone flying teaches much more than we fathom. It is about the eye and hand coordination. Mastering it well will put him ahead in other areas too where these skills are required.

Learning is always a process of determination. It takes time. Telling your child to be patient will improve his skills tremendously. If he has an inclination towards physics and robotics, he may surprise you with his flights of fantasy, sometime.