Technology has been given various labels around the world. There are plenty of ways in which tech can be used to benefit humanity more than the number of ways in which it can be used to cause harm.

Emergency first aid

There have been drones used to deliver emergency medical help in various situations. There are places where drones reach faster than the conventional ambulance services. And there is some case where an ambulance or medical help of any type cannot be sent easily, like the places hit by natural disasters. Even to such spots, medical help could be easily sent with the help of drones. Drones to carry simple medical kits or even those that can attend complex critical cases like cardiac arrest can all be found. All of these are also useful to deliver help to remote locations and inaccessible islands where medical facilities are nearly zero.

Search and rescue operations

Search and rescue operations after a natural or manmade disaster can be made so much easier and effective with the help of drones. They can be used to detect the presence of and the location of victims in the affected places.

Relief management

Distribution of relief materials to the affected spots can be done instantly with the help of drones. They can simultaneously survey the area and thus be used to monitor the status.

Sending rescue pods

Even in the deepest oceans where sending a lifeguard can take some amount of delay drones can be used as the first line of help. They can be used to send rescue pods to the area and help victims manage till help arrives.

The applications for drones in emergency situations are pretty small as of now but we see a lot happening in this area. Besides in medical emergencies, there are so many other ways in which drones are being used. Read more at TheDroneLogic website.