While browsing through the recent tech week which is a fashion that is evolved in connivance and consonance with technology, I came across a curiously hilarious tagline that one of the companies was sporting. It said, “In the near future, don’t be surprised if your underwear is connected to the internet.”

I gawked, almost fell off my chair but after I was done, I realized that it did make a lot of sense. Why?

Today with so much smart wear stuff that we are donning on ourselves, we are nothing less than Cybots. Think smartwatches, notepads, iPhone, Fitbit, smart necklaces and smart rings!

One thing is worth mooting?

Whether a person wears such smart gear or not affects his marketability on dating apps or in life in general?

Does it or does it not!

We asked a group of women in their twenties and thirties to rate men who dressed smartly and in vogue with the times. Most of the women who participated spoke about how it is extremely important for the man in her life to be in tandem with changing trends not just in fashion but in technology as well.

Another question that pops up from here is that a happy marriage between technology and fashion is possible at all? Don’t men feel overwhelmed if they are too dressy technologically?

Men on being questioned said that they could not have enough of it. While women said that if they are comfortable with it then it was okay with them but they would not like too intrusive technology. Because they feel that too much of technology had the prowess to hijack their privacy. Point noted!

We even mooted this survey on LTC’s website and had a great response there. Go to the website by clicking on this link and seeing for you the wonderful responses we had got!