Gone are the days when all you could do with your car was to get from one place to another. Today people are more open to road travel and don’t mind spending a little extra money or time on such trips, as they are not only fun but is a new experience too. The auto industry has turned into this change of mindset and is coming up with various technologies to meet these requirements.

Modern Technology In Cars

Here are some of the modern technologies one can find in cars:

  • Keyless – Today the keys are designed in such a way that one need not really use it. The key just has to be present and you can enter the car with the push of a button, start the car with the push of the button and drive it too. The keyless entry and push start have become a huge hit as people don’t have to fish out the keys from their handbag when they want to drive.
  • Autoradio – In-car entertainment has come a long way from radios with antennas sticking up, to the compact auto radios that look sleek and stylish on your car’s dashboard. If you are keen on knowing what the new models are and what can be used for your car, you can go through any autoradio android site. Be it more information about autoradio golf 6 or other radios designed for a Volkswagen, you can find them here.
  • Smartphones – The autoradio in your car can do more than just play some music for you. It has features like your smartphone and can be integrated with your phone so that you can use all the features of your smartphone, on your car radio itself. Earlier it was just to answer or make calls, but today, the technology has improved to suit the needs of the current generation.