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Recognising The Computer Problems

The computer is a device with vast components that make it work seamlessly. If there is an internal problem, it’s pretty difficult to find out which part has caused the fault and what has actually happened.

The different parts of the computer like the CPU, the Monitor or the keyboard and in turn the CPU has a lot of specific units which perform a particular task and when that stops, analysing the root cause is very important. Computer repairs in Brisbane are a little time-consuming task. So, in case your computer goes off the next time, be ready to analyse them yourself with few of these tips and remember you always have an expert with the Emotional Computer repair company.

Computer problems can be categorised into 2 main categories:

  • Hardware problem
  • Software problem

Hardware problems:

Hardware problems are always easy to recognise, at the same time expensive to fix. The hardwareproblem is clearly seen from our eye. For example, themonitor may not turn on, or the screen might go blur, or the CPU making strange noises, or the keyboard might not work! So these visible problems are into this category.

Few basic tips to identify them correctly and try to solve them:

  • Is the outlet that holds the device working?
  • Are all the parts turned ‘on’? The monitor, the screen, volume button, keyboard connected and so on.
  • Is the problem with only one port, try plugging keyboard or mouse to another port and check if theport has a problem or internal problem?

With this initial diagnosis, you can find where the exact problem lies.

Software problems:

This one is easy to fix, but hard to locate. They occur only after the booting process happens. If the OS has a problem, your computer will not work, or any applications doesn’t turn on, then they have a software issue.

Basic tips to find the fault:

  • Try for a quick reboot
  • Keep the programs/software updated
  • Check for the antivirus software status
  • Was this after a new software installation or upgradation?
  • Uninstall or re-install the new software

Once you get a clue, you can search for solutions on the net. There are a lot of options and solutions available and you can try them.