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Ultrasonic Pest Repellers: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Many companies are venturing into pest repellents. The main reason being, the pests are just increasing in numbers by the day and people are not very willing to use the pesticides and other chemicals that were used earlier.

If you are living in the Glasgow area, just flipping through the phone book will show you the sheer number of pest control agencies available around your area. You can easily spot a number of pest control agencies, pest bird control Glasgow specialists, etc.

Today, companies are using advanced technology to combat this pest issue. The result of this is the ultrasonic pest repellents. Don’t know much about them? Here is all that you will need to know:

How Do They Work?

So how do these ultrasonic pest repellers work? They use high-frequency sound waves to get rid of the pests. Every living being has a tolerance level when it comes to sound. these sound waves are high enough to irritate and scare away the rodents and pests.

Are They Effective?

Now to the next important question, do they really work? There are many ongoing studies and research but the results so far have been mixed. The sound waves need to be in a particular wavelength. Many brands are in this market and as a result the customer if flooded with options. While some may work, others may not be that effective.

Also, some pests could have a different tolerance level and since all these devices are manufactured to operate in one level, it may not be effective against all the pests the packaging claims.

Is This Enough?

Will just this device be enough to get rid of your pest issues? No. you need to still clean the house regularly and make it unsuitable for rodents and pests. There is no point in plugging in a device in one corner of the house while rest of the house is inviting and cozy for these pests and rodents.