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Wireless Systems – The New Rage In Town

The wireless system has gained immense popularity for use during stage performances are they are not only powerful in terms of sound quality but also in terms of sophistication. The Line 6 G70 is one such wireless guitar system which is something like 5 pedals rolled into one. Apart from being a state -of -the -art wireless system it also is an ABY switcher,gain controller, DI box and tuner too.


  • Excellent sound quality which has no match
  • reliability which is hard core rugged and something that can be vouched for
  • easy to use design
  • pure unadulterated guitar tone as per leading audio specs
  • The lowest latency among all digital wireless systems available
  • Double up as support for multiple transmitters to enable easy performance with multiple instruments,
  • Allows control of signal routing and levels with just the press of a footswitch.
  • Optimization of tone of instruments like violins, mandolins and other string instruments with unique signal chains
  • The flexibility of switching between various signal paths for different types of guitars.
  • Built-in tuner
  • Separate aux input for direct plugging in which allows freeing up of vital pedalboard space.
  • This wireless system makes all your complex signal much easy and it also features all the inputs and outputs that you would need to route signals while you are on the stage for maximum performance
  • Use rechargeable batteries or the garden variety AA batteries which are easily available to ensure that even if there is apower failure you will not be stranded in the middle or a performance.

Investing in this excellent wireless guitar system which not only sounds great but is also so compact that it enables free use of the pedal board. Get more out of your shoes by using this new and improved system which is now more practical and better sounding.…