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Social media etiquette: what is the safest approach to sharing your life

Many people have the presence of their lives felt more in the world wide web than in the real life. Personal one on one contacts have become rare. People meet and pick up the phone to talk only when absolutely necessary. Be it the birth of a child or a trip taken to an exotic place, everything is shared online first. Responses and compliments are looked forward to in a big way.

Social media etiquette: what is the safest approach to sharing your life

  • Avoid pictures of minors if possible.
  • Avoid tagging your children and naming the schools and classes they attend. Stalkers, with the help of your data and the pictures can easily identify your children.
  • Avoid sharing your private routine online. Letting random people know your schedule is only dangerous.
  • Avoid posting personal details to the public. Keep posts viewable only for friends.
  • Do not accept friend requests from strangers.
  • Improve the privacy settings of sensitive information like your phone number and your home address. Photographs of family and friends can also be restricted only to a select few.

Stalkers make it a habit to keep track of your activities and your whereabouts. They are even able to take a look at the websites you visit. This also can be addressed. There are incognito modes that enable you to visit pages without being traced. If you want to block tracking of your online activity, go here. The reason why they look into this aspect of your life is so that they get to know something that they can use against you. Your hobbies, for example, are a big clue on where you would go if you wanted to learn it.

You should know that there are many methods that you can use to keep your online life safe and secure. Be vigilant. That is the key. Your life is literally in your hands.…