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New Car Technology Resources

It was only when I needed new parts for my car did I realize I can actually upgrade my car with the latest technology without breaking the bank. Often people are confused or unaware of the fact that to keep up with the ever-increasing demand for spare parts to upgrade cars most of the retailers’ stock up on these parts. Sometimes you can go the company showroom and buy directly in case your spare parts dealer doesn’t have the gadgets you seek. What is heartening is that many of these resources are affordable and one does not require to buy a new vehicle just to enjoy these additional features. We have detailed about three new products that can be of immense use to any driver.

What was once a feature found only on luxury brands will soon become a standard feature in all cars – the rearview camera. Most of the older models do not come with this unique safety feature which can save a life. You can choose any of the various best aftermarket rearview cameras available on Amazon or other retail shops; RearVision though expensive is the best. They require minimal installation.

With climate change wrecking havoc across nations heated seats are now in demand than ever before.  Though this is not a DIY unless you are an engineer of sorts, this will definitely make the drive on cold mornings bearable. These seats are available at most automotive stores and you need professional help to install them.

A Digital Audio Broadcasting has less static and more choice of stations making it a worthwhile investment when you travel down long lonely roads. Some DAB’s come with Apple Car play which will let you control apps and other devices with voice commands or via the touchscreen. This interface, in fact, is useful to keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road while not missing on any messages, calls, and entertainment.

Actually, most of the gadgets required to upgrade your vehicle are available online or in any automobile shop. While some require installation by professional others can be done by yourself.…