Social media has become an integral part of everyone’s life whether it’s a college going boy or someone from the older generations. Most of the people are very active on such platforms not just because it is a good way to be in touch with your loved ones, but also it makes you more aware of the things around. There are so many social media platforms available that one can be so confused on which to use because not all of them are very efficient.

Here are some of the best social media platforms that are used worldwide.

  • Facebook is one of the best gifts to the people since it helps you to be in touch with your friends and relatives who might be living in some other city or country or continent. You can see them, interact with them and share your own pictures with them. The best part is that you may even find out your long lost friends on Facebook with whom you had no contact for the past one or two decades.
  • Twitter is probably another boon to the people who are active on social media. It has made it possible that anyone can express their views to anybody who is there on Twitter. You are allowed to even tweet to the president of the country. With emergence of Twitter, communication has reached a whole new level. In fact, if you want that more people should follow you then learn how to buy Twitter followers. It can be really effective.
  • Instagram is another platform which is mainly for sharing photos with anyone who follows your account. This again helps you to see closely how your loved ones or some favorite celebrity looks like. You can like them and comment on them, which is again a great way to interact.