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How new camera tech is improving driving

Today’s cameras are technically very advanced. You can have one placed in any device, from your gaming console to the button on your shirt. These are not the spy cameras of yore, which needed a lot of maneuvering and then the device came up with limited hazy shots. These are the gadgets equipped with all the new technology has to offer and provide crystal clear images.

These have high-resolution lenses that provide great images. Most of these are also enabled with Wi-Fi that helps to get the pictures immediately on any device. They are also equipped with motion sensors and other latest software programs. The latest technology helps them to take pictures as you program it. For example, if you are going away for some time and your car is parked in a secluded place, then you can use this device to record any event that may harm your car. These events may include, vandalism or natural events, and help you in getting the insurance claim.

Apart from this the cameras placed in a vehicle improve the efficiency of the drivers tremendously. Imagine a foggy morning, when you cannot see the roads clearly. Accidents do happen on such days when visibility is poor. The cameras along with other devices can help you navigate as they sound an alarm as soon as another vehicle is very close to yours. Similarly, the rear vision may be blocked by people sitting in a vehicle, and then a rearview camera is an answer to this problem.

Then there are people who like to go to the jungles and try to capture the pictures of animals unobtrusively. can tell you about cameras that can be used along with your vehicle and help you in getting that prize-winning photograph.

Coming back to camera technology, there are devices now that can change the brightness of the headlamps depending upon the driver’s eye movement. This will prevent many accidents that happen in the evenings due to the glare of light. The cameras help the self-driving cars and are an essential part of those vehicles. We can see that latest technology has improved the way people drive and thereby reducing the number of fatalities and accidents. Use an appropriate one for your car and drive safely.…

Social media etiquette: what is the safest approach to sharing your life

Many people have the presence of their lives felt more in the world wide web than in the real life. Personal one on one contacts have become rare. People meet and pick up the phone to talk only when absolutely necessary. Be it the birth of a child or a trip taken to an exotic place, everything is shared online first. Responses and compliments are looked forward to in a big way.

Social media etiquette: what is the safest approach to sharing your life

  • Avoid pictures of minors if possible.
  • Avoid tagging your children and naming the schools and classes they attend. Stalkers, with the help of your data and the pictures can easily identify your children.
  • Avoid sharing your private routine online. Letting random people know your schedule is only dangerous.
  • Avoid posting personal details to the public. Keep posts viewable only for friends.
  • Do not accept friend requests from strangers.
  • Improve the privacy settings of sensitive information like your phone number and your home address. Photographs of family and friends can also be restricted only to a select few.

Stalkers make it a habit to keep track of your activities and your whereabouts. They are even able to take a look at the websites you visit. This also can be addressed. There are incognito modes that enable you to visit pages without being traced. If you want to block tracking of your online activity, go here. The reason why they look into this aspect of your life is so that they get to know something that they can use against you. Your hobbies, for example, are a big clue on where you would go if you wanted to learn it.

You should know that there are many methods that you can use to keep your online life safe and secure. Be vigilant. That is the key. Your life is literally in your hands.…

Teach your child how to fly their first drone

The memory of my first toy as a kid is quite vivid. Back then, things were simpler, the idea of owning a toy that could run and reverse on its own was overwhelming. Today, technology has brought us exceptionally fascinating toys like a helicopter or a drone. So, my son asked for a drone this time and I found a great drone for kids here on the internet. The little whirlybird comes in various shapes and sizes and operates with a remote.

While I decide to fulfill his wish, I am keen to share some quick tips too!

There are a few must-remember rules and tips to teach your child about drone flying, especially if it is his first time.

Safety first – Tell him about the safe distance to operate from. Crowded areas, places with overhead electricity cables etc should be avoided. Educate him about the safe distance for operating his drone. While flying he should be able to see his drone at all times to avoid serious harms.

Tell about design – However simple, tell him about the mechanism on which the drone works in nonprofessional terms. Let him use his intelligence quotient to link the teaching with the hands-on usage.

Let him have fun – Empower him with tips and tricks but let him have fun. Warning about crashes every minute will lead to spoiling of fun.

Not just fun – Drone flying teaches much more than we fathom. It is about the eye and hand coordination. Mastering it well will put him ahead in other areas too where these skills are required.

Learning is always a process of determination. It takes time. Telling your child to be patient will improve his skills tremendously. If he has an inclination towards physics and robotics, he may surprise you with his flights of fantasy, sometime.


Best Platforms For Social Media

Social media has become an integral part of everyone’s life whether it’s a college going boy or someone from the older generations. Most of the people are very active on such platforms not just because it is a good way to be in touch with your loved ones, but also it makes you more aware of the things around. There are so many social media platforms available that one can be so confused on which to use because not all of them are very efficient.

Here are some of the best social media platforms that are used worldwide.

  • Facebook is one of the best gifts to the people since it helps you to be in touch with your friends and relatives who might be living in some other city or country or continent. You can see them, interact with them and share your own pictures with them. The best part is that you may even find out your long lost friends on Facebook with whom you had no contact for the past one or two decades.
  • Twitter is probably another boon to the people who are active on social media. It has made it possible that anyone can express their views to anybody who is there on Twitter. You are allowed to even tweet to the president of the country. With emergence of Twitter, communication has reached a whole new level. In fact, if you want that more people should follow you then learn how to buy Twitter followers. It can be really effective.
  • Instagram is another platform which is mainly for sharing photos with anyone who follows your account. This again helps you to see closely how your loved ones or some favorite celebrity looks like. You can like them and comment on them, which is again a great way to interact.

Best sampling sounds for sound engineers


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Sound Engineers work hand in hand with the music producers and work closely during recording sessions. They help in editing, recording and mixing of audio. They should have impeccable working knowledge of the different kinds of sound creativity, accuracy and musical talent. Let us have a look at some best sampling sound used for sound engineers.

Best sample sounds

Sample sounds or loops are a connector in the music industry that links the track and provide the required sound.

The sound effects used range from cartoon sounds to nature and musical instrument sounds to different genres like House, Electro, Techno, Disco, pop, Ambient and Electronica. Many companies provide a wide range of catalogues that can fit in any mix. The best sampling sounds for sound engineers can be found in packs and are listed below:

  1. Loops – This holds the drums and percussion samples. There are libraries that are licensed from where you can acquire these samples without paying any fees. You can also find software that exclusively creates loops.
  2. Musical Instruments – While loops are a phase this is a single note in a sample. These type os samples are created in recording studios using high end instruments and played by highly knowledgeable musicians. The samples are changed by producers and created to suit their need and music.
  3. Melodic Techno – It has beautiful melodic tracks that can be incorporated in any production. It will also be useful in tracks that require drum hits, house, sound FX
  4. Words Spoken – These sounds are also used in samples by sound engineers. This content is taken from TV, movies or non music media. The samples of word found in the libraries are used to set the mood, for speeches or horror movies.

There are a number samples that can be found some are free to use and some need to be purchased. The sound effects help the sound engineer in his mixing of tracks. These type of effects provide reality to the music.…

Wireless Systems – The New Rage In Town

The wireless system has gained immense popularity for use during stage performances are they are not only powerful in terms of sound quality but also in terms of sophistication. The Line 6 G70 is one such wireless guitar system which is something like 5 pedals rolled into one. Apart from being a state -of -the -art wireless system it also is an ABY switcher,gain controller, DI box and tuner too.


  • Excellent sound quality which has no match
  • reliability which is hard core rugged and something that can be vouched for
  • easy to use design
  • pure unadulterated guitar tone as per leading audio specs
  • The lowest latency among all digital wireless systems available
  • Double up as support for multiple transmitters to enable easy performance with multiple instruments,
  • Allows control of signal routing and levels with just the press of a footswitch.
  • Optimization of tone of instruments like violins, mandolins and other string instruments with unique signal chains
  • The flexibility of switching between various signal paths for different types of guitars.
  • Built-in tuner
  • Separate aux input for direct plugging in which allows freeing up of vital pedalboard space.
  • This wireless system makes all your complex signal much easy and it also features all the inputs and outputs that you would need to route signals while you are on the stage for maximum performance
  • Use rechargeable batteries or the garden variety AA batteries which are easily available to ensure that even if there is apower failure you will not be stranded in the middle or a performance.

Investing in this excellent wireless guitar system which not only sounds great but is also so compact that it enables free use of the pedal board. Get more out of your shoes by using this new and improved system which is now more practical and better sounding.…

How Is Text Marketing Software Easy For Your Business


It is no doubt that text marketing softwaremade easy makes it possible to reach out to yourcustomers through  a reliable, safe, secure and a platform that is quick. There are many reasons why you would need text marketing software to promote your small business.

The benefits of using text marketing software are:

  • Send SMS – The software lets you send a single message or even bulk messages. You can send a message to even 100000 users at a single time. Sending a message through this software is quick and easy. Most software will let you sign up for free and you will be able to send and receive messages instantly
  • Message templates –You will be allowed to save many message templates that will save a lot of time as well as automate it fortasks that are repetitive. So save your time and put it into some productive use while the software takes care of the repetitive tasks
  • Contact groups- You will also be able to compile your contacts into manageable phonebooks groups andyou can use a simple upload anddownload feature for the same. You will also beable to send a bulkSMS by selecting the whole group and send a single message that will reach each recipient in the group
  • Schedule the message delivery –You will be able to send an SMS at a time that suits you. All that you need to do is to select a date andatime and the message will get sent at the specified date and time.
  • Delivery report – You will also be allowed to see the delivery report to each member in the message group. This will let you be assured that the message was delivered to all.
  • Pay as you go – Most of the software will not have any monthly fees nor will they ask you to subscribe to them. You can look for software that let you pay as you go.


Taking Care of Your Branded Wallets

We all love are our branded wallets. They are exquisite pieces of craftsmanship and design and very expensive too. These fine wallets/ purses adorning our persons and cupboards need to be treated with care to be able to make them look new and last for years to come. If you can take adequate care, which is not very difficult, these fine investments of yours will give you immense satisfaction.

Most branded wallets are made from leather which is an animal hide. This is tanned and treated to make it flexible and long-lasting. The leather color is usually aniline- dyed, because it retains the natural grain (full grain) while saturating the leather- skin evenly.

If you are using a branded leather wallet like the LV wallets with a compartment for ID the general cleaning and maintenance guideline is to first remove any accumulated dirt using a reputed/ or recommended leather cleaner. The branded wallet will usually have some hardware in the form of metallic initials engraved on it. These need to be wiped clean with a soft cloth.

One can also condition the wallet with a leather conditioner to prevent excessive drying, flaking, and wrinkling. Dab a soft cotton cloth with the conditioner and gently wipe it all over the bag and air-dry it for some time. You could also weather-proof your wallet with a spray protectant to prevent the effects of bad weather reflecting on your wallets and keeping the contents inside clean and dry.

If you tend to use your wallet quite often, it is prudent to wipe it every alternate day using a soft dry cloth, because it is usually kept fitted inside a tight pocket and the humidity may wear the leather down. These simple maintenance tips may not look as exclusive and important; they may look very simple, but they can go a long way in helping you preserve the beautiful looks and newness of your branded wallet or purse.