Month: September 2017

How Is Text Marketing Software Easy For Your Business


It is no doubt that text marketing softwaremade easy makes it possible to reach out to yourcustomers through  a reliable, safe, secure and a platform that is quick. There are many reasons why you would need text marketing software to promote your small business.

The benefits of using text marketing software are:

  • Send SMS – The software lets you send a single message or even bulk messages. You can send a message to even 100000 users at a single time. Sending a message through this software is quick and easy. Most software will let you sign up for free and you will be able to send and receive messages instantly
  • Message templates –You will be allowed to save many message templates that will save a lot of time as well as automate it fortasks that are repetitive. So save your time and put it into some productive use while the software takes care of the repetitive tasks
  • Contact groups- You will also be able to compile your contacts into manageable phonebooks groups andyou can use a simple upload anddownload feature for the same. You will also beable to send a bulkSMS by selecting the whole group and send a single message that will reach each recipient in the group
  • Schedule the message delivery –You will be able to send an SMS at a time that suits you. All that you need to do is to select a date andatime and the message will get sent at the specified date and time.
  • Delivery report – You will also be allowed to see the delivery report to each member in the message group. This will let you be assured that the message was delivered to all.
  • Pay as you go – Most of the software will not have any monthly fees nor will they ask you to subscribe to them. You can look for software that let you pay as you go.


Taking Care of Your Branded Wallets

We all love are our branded wallets. They are exquisite pieces of craftsmanship and design and very expensive too. These fine wallets/ purses adorning our persons and cupboards need to be treated with care to be able to make them look new and last for years to come. If you can take adequate care, which is not very difficult, these fine investments of yours will give you immense satisfaction.

Most branded wallets are made from leather which is an animal hide. This is tanned and treated to make it flexible and long-lasting. The leather color is usually aniline- dyed, because it retains the natural grain (full grain) while saturating the leather- skin evenly.

If you are using a branded leather wallet like the LV wallets with a compartment for ID the general cleaning and maintenance guideline is to first remove any accumulated dirt using a reputed/ or recommended leather cleaner. The branded wallet will usually have some hardware in the form of metallic initials engraved on it. These need to be wiped clean with a soft cloth.

One can also condition the wallet with a leather conditioner to prevent excessive drying, flaking, and wrinkling. Dab a soft cotton cloth with the conditioner and gently wipe it all over the bag and air-dry it for some time. You could also weather-proof your wallet with a spray protectant to prevent the effects of bad weather reflecting on your wallets and keeping the contents inside clean and dry.

If you tend to use your wallet quite often, it is prudent to wipe it every alternate day using a soft dry cloth, because it is usually kept fitted inside a tight pocket and the humidity may wear the leather down. These simple maintenance tips may not look as exclusive and important; they may look very simple, but they can go a long way in helping you preserve the beautiful looks and newness of your branded wallet or purse.